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**Podcast Networks**

1. Ace Podcast Network – A great podcast network, with an awesome community of podcasts. If you are looking for a podcast network free of red tape BS, check them out and apply to join!

**Podcasts We Have Collaborated With**

1. Super Pee Pee Time Podcast: Follow/Listen on: Twitter / SoundCloud / ITunes

2. The Beardy 5 Podcast: Follow/Listen on: Twitter / ITunes

**Friends of the Show**

1. TNT Dinomight: A Regular CoHost and YouTuber
Follow/Subscribe to his: Twitter / YouTube Channel

2. Tom & Steve Show: A Fellow Podcaster Doing Great Things for Podcasters Everywhere.
Follow/Subscribe on: Twitter / Itunes / Hear their interview with Jonaas

3. PJ Stovar: A Great Voice Over Talent. If you need any audio work done. Hit her up!
Follow/Subscribe to her: Twitter / Her Website:

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