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Episode 28 (S2E2.5) Summary: 4Chan Treasure Hunt & Unwritten Rules That Should be Written Down

Episode 28 Info Episode 28 Season 2 Episode 2.5 Run Time: 1hr 9m 51s Date Published: October 23rd, 2017 Guest Host: Chachmyer Episode 28 Topics: – 4Chan goes on an unlikely treasure hunt to troll Shia Labeouf’s protest. – We discuss Unwritten rules of life that probably should just be written down at this point. […]

Episode 18(Season 1 Finale) Summary: Are You Urban?, Sayings That Are Bullshit, & The Tale of the Man Who Shot Ricky

Episode 18 Info Episode 18 Season 1 Run Time: 84m 29s Date Published: July 24th, 2017 Co-Hosts/Guests: TNT Dinomight & Chachmyer Special Appearance: Sid and Jess from the Beardy5 Podcast (Contestants: Are You Urban?) In This Episode Jonaas, TNT Dinomight, & Chachmyer Ramble About: – The Debut of Our New Game: “Are You Urban?” – […]

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