About The Crazy Town

The Crazy Town Podcast is a show built up in the mind of one man, your host Jonaas. It may not always make sense to you, but it will to him and that is what this podcast is all about. Jonaas is just a regular man with a normal job that just needed a release from everyday life. That is where the Crazy Town was built, and that is what the Crazy Town is built upon. A place where you can go to get away from anything you need to and just be yourself, regardless of how crazy or weird that is to anyone else. The world is full of people pretending to be all sorts of things and here you do not have to do that.

The Crazy Town is a place that will become anything you would like it to be. It is an ever evolving environment where nothing makes sense to you, yet everything slowly becomes perfectly clear at the same time. You can’t understand why something is happening? You can just blame it on The Crazy Town. Do you need clarification to what is happening around you? Wonder over to the Crazy Town. You need to get away? Build your own Crazy Town, but don’t break mine down in the process.

By coming here, you are everything to The Crazy Town. Yet the Crazy Town will not miss you when you are gone. It will continue to be long after we are gone whether we all realize it or not. The Crazy Town is not a physical place, but a virtual sanctuary. Journey onward to the Crazy Town and engulf yourself in the illusions of grandeur while secretly succumbing to its grasp.

Welcome everyone…. Welcome to the Crazy Town.

You have bought the ticket, now enjoy the ride. There’s no turning back now.


Let me be serious with everyone for a second…

This podcast is all about having fun and being goofy and poking fun at things.

Nothing should be taken super serious, and the hosts and anyone else involved in this podcast are great people who have no prejudices of any sort, in any way shape or form.

This podcast is a work of fiction, please keep that in mind even though real life events and stories are discussed.

If anyone is offended or feels that they have been wronged, let us please apologize up front as that is not our intent in any way shape or form.

Feel free to contact us directly at crazytownpodcast@gmail.com if you need to discuss anything about the show with us.

Thank you and enjoy!

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