Podcasting Blog 13: Season 1 Retrospective Part 1: The Beginning

Season 1 Retrospective Part 1: The Beginning

Holy crap. It’s been quite a while since I have updated the blog part of this site. I’m not even sure where to begin. It has been one hell of a 12 months for me as a podcaster and a person. My life is about as completely different as it could be from a year ago. I’m not going to delve into my personal challenges but just know it’s been one hell of a ride and I have come out on the other end normal. Well as normal as I can be.

The one constant has been this podcast. Somehow, through all the adversity I have faced, the podcast always kept me grounded and gave me something to focus my energy on. It’s almost ironic that the podcast is called “The Crazy Town Podcast” because if it wasn’t for this podcast, my ass may just be in the crazy town right now.

So here it is, my retrospective. The Story of Year 1 of the Crazy Town Podcast..

Looking back to October 2016, the Beginning

I began my podcast research in October, and had zero clue how to do anything related to podcasting. I had no previous online presence, no hookups, no leads, no friends to help me out. I was going at it blind and completely solo dolo. Even my current cohost wasn’t involved at all. Just Jonaas and a microphone.

I spent 2-3 months months researching, planning, setting up social media, hosting, the website, and recording a few episodes by myself aiming for an end of January 2017 release. I was 100% completely winging it and I had set my expectations about as low as possible.

I was doing this project for myself. Not to make money, or anything like that. I was a creative person with a creative void and podcasting was something I had always thought I wanted to try. I didn’t want to do alone, and that is what had stopped me so many times before as I could never find anyone to commit with me.

I hadn’t really ever heard solo podcasts before. Usually if they were solo it was a famous person’s podcast and they constantly had guests, so it wasn’t solo. I was brand new, so having a guest was really out of the question, especially a guest that anyone gave a shit about.

The Madman Who Has No Idea He Helped Me

I found a random guy’s podcast called Madman in the Attic. It was one guy talking about random shit in life: his kids, life, baseball, etc. Normal shit. But it was just him talking, but I found it entertaining to listen to. It wasn’t a wildly popular podcast by any means, but nonetheless the guy had taken the jump and was putting out a podcast all by himself.

I reached out to the guy and just told him I liked his cast, told him I had wanted to start one myself, and asked him if he had any advice, tips, or any information he could share. I figured he had already went through this process and may be able to help a little. The guy was super friendly and nice and shared some awesome information with me.

The shitty part is, his last podcast was released in December 2016 which is about a month before I released the Crazy Town Podcast. I reached out to him again when I was about to start mine and never heard back. So the Madman never even got to know that he helped a fellow podcaster out. But I wanted to thank him regardless. Madman, wherever you are… Thank you for helping have a hand in getting me to start the Crazy Town Podcast. Maybe one day, I’ll see a new release and you can hear the show.

The Weekend Vacation That Changed The Podcast Forever

I had been preparing to release the podcast with 4-5 episodes when I decided to release it to the public. They were all solo episodes and I was completely ok with that. But in December a vacation by a couple of friends would change the course of the podcast forever.

For New Years 2016 turning into 2017, two of my longtime friends came to visit for a long weekend. These two friends would later come to be known as TNT Dinomight and Chachmyer on the podcast. I had told them both about the podcast and what I was trying to do and asked them if they thought they may want to screw around and do an episode.

Long story short we ended up recording three episodes while they were here and they ended up becoming Episode 6, 7, & 8. They were the first three episodes that I had any cohost on, and I have not recorded a solo episode of the podcast since.

TNT Dinomight actually caught the podcasting bug after that and has now become the official cohost of the show and has been on every episode since then except two, which two other podcasts cohosted. That leads me to my next topic. The podcast community.


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