Podcasting Blog 12: Collaborations are Neato

Since We Last Spoke

Well it has been awhile since I last made a blog post, well I guess it has only been a month but it feels like so much longer. So much has been going on, time is just flying by. The podcast is definitely coming along and I feel that it is growing in a positive way.

I have been learning a lot with the help of some other podcasts and working on cross promoting and expanding the audience. I must say I am very surprised at the progress that is coming along. I love the community and I have been doing a lot more networking with podcasts, as well as youtubers and other content creators.

Collaborations are Neato!

Ok so I have collaborated with 2 awesome podcasts so far on episodes, The Super Pee Pee Time Podcast and The Beardy 5 Podcast. I have a few things in the works for some other collaborations, and having some special guests on the show for interviews/ segments. But that is still in the works and in the planning stages so I don’t want to jinx anything.

Both of the shows I collaborated couldn’t be more different but I had an absolute blast with both of them! They are all great guys.

Super Pee Pee Time

These guys are freaking hilarious. I found their podcast by accident and couldn’t stop listening. It’s just the two guys making up stories/ skits on the fly with voice changer and complete randomness. For someone like me who is completely random themselves, it was just such a different thing that I had heard and I was hooked immediately.

So how did I end up collaborating with them on an episode? I fucking asked them and they said yes. It blew my mind that they wanted to collaborate with me, as I was this new show without much to show for myself yet. But they did and I was supremely grateful. These guys couldn’t have been more cool and easy going and awesome to work with.

From the start with working out the times to get together to helping me with skype recording, to recording bumpers for me for the show it was just a great experience and I def need to give a shout out to those guys Cade and Jeff. We put a little mix of our shows together and did some segment stuff and then got into some random improv.

Check out Ep 9 with Super Pee Pee Time

The Beardy 5

I freaking love these guys and their show. They are a couple of awesome dudes that just don’t give a shit and speak their mind. You feel the guys you get on the podcast are the guys they are in real life every day. It’s such a real vibe on their show and I love it cuz of that.

So they are part of the same podcast network as the show, The Ace Podcast Network, and that is how we met and started talking about collaborating. We had setup one time to record a few weeks ago, but some shit came up and it fell thru. But we worked that out and got together and had a damn blast recording.

We actually video Skyped when we recorded cuz they were tired of staring at my podcast logo and then I got to hear them bust my balls for my wife beater and hood ass podcast recoding area. Which was fine by me. I told you in previous blogs its hood AF and what I had to do to record.

It was like I had knew these dudes my whole life and we were just able to shoot the shit like some old friends and in between get to business recording. A couple of real down to earth awesome guys. 10/10 would do again for sure. Nothing but nice things to say about Sid and Jess of the Beardy 5.

Listen to Episode 11 with the Beardy 5

Final Words

So far just about every podcast I have dealt with has been awesome. The community is great. If you are a podcast that wants to collaborate with The Crazy Town. Hit me up! We are def easy peasy.

I’m out for now.


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