Podcasting Blog 11: Two Months Since Launch!

Since We Last Spoke

Wow have the last 6 weeks been quite the journey. Between travelling, moving into a new house, and working on this podcast I have been one busy guy. Now I am fully settled into the house and have an office I can record pretty much whenever I want, as long as my free time allows it.

Now here is where I go back to my hood roots from way back when in these blogs using a Turtle Beach headset to record, haha. So my office is pretty empty at the moment, I have a small desk and a TV stand in it. I have thrown a few other things up on the walls, but it’s mainly the rejected decorations the wife wouldn’t allow in the rest of the house.

What that does for the office is make the room echo like a bitch. At least until I get a bigger desk, and more furniture etc. Which is probably the worst case scenario for trying to record a podcast. It sounded like I am in a god damn wind tunnel. Hello…ello…llo…lo…o. It’s not all that great.

The Recording Studio

So what I figured out is that I can turn the closet into a small recording studio. Yes, the damn closet. I told you I can be hood AF. So I had about 10 spare pillows laying on the floor in my office since there was tons of extra room in there, they were just laying around.

It’s probably a 3×3 opening when you walk in and then has built in shelves that are probably 3×3 or 3×2 deep off of that 3×3 area. I figured I can line the shelves with blankets and pillows and BOOM, no echo. The sound quality is actually pretty good. I have recorded a few episodes in there already and I must say I am not disappointed. I may actually just keep recording in there unless I have a guest host in the room with me because we couldn’t fit in the closet together.

The laptop, microphone, and mouse fit perfect on a shelf at just about the right height so it was almost like it is meant to be. Now, there is one problem. When I go I and close the door to record, it gets HOT AF in that bitch. So as I sit there in a wife beater and gym shorts trying to not die as I sweat to death as I record for the podcast… I realize it’s all worth it. haha.

I Think People Might Actually Be Listening

So as I have said before, I had the lowest of the low expectations for this podcast. I figured maybe, just maybe, if I was lucky that over 6 months, one of my episodes may reach 100 listens. I had zero podcast experience, and was no affiliated with any sort of other podcasts or entertainment related stuff.

My last 3 episodes have by far exceeded my expectations. Now this is all Sound Cloud listens, doesn’t include any other platform, but Episode 6 now has over 100 listens in 5 weeks. Episode 7 hit 100 listens in 1 week and now has over 200 listens in 3 weeks. And Episode 8 hit 100 listens in 2 days and now has over 200 listens in 10 days. So things are absolutely trending in the right direction.

Let me say this. I appreciate each and every person who has taken the time to even listen to 2 seconds of this podcast. The fact that anyone is listening blows my mind. Thank you so much, feel free to reach out to us and let us know what you think, what you like, what you hate etc. We are very easy going and friendly and ready to hear your feedback. Thank you everyone!

I’m out for now.


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